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Financial literacy remains abysmal in the United States, especially after the COVID-19 economic shock. Only 12% of Americans have adequate financial literacy, a number that grows smaller everyday. SOAR attempts to solve such issues by promoting financial literacy and granting access to financial resources.

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By promoting financial literacy in our communities, SOAR removes the barrier to access to financial resources. Instead of providing these people with short term resources like government aid, we aim to fill this socioeconomic gap by providing long term sustainability, expanding resources for financial consulting, education, etc. Our core values of sustainability, opportunity, accessibility, and recovery inspired our founding and continue to influence our growth.

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Our Story

Co-founders Sunny and Sterling were shocked to find the financial circumstances in the San Francisco Bay Area were abysmal at best despite its high socioeconomic status. This led them to wonder what it was like in the rest of the US. Unfortunately, the poor financial literacy and the COVID-19 economic shock had destroyed personal financial situations. They decided to help increase access for Americans all over the world by creating SOAR.

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